TrendWatch is a monthly report, and provides cutting-edge marketing inspiration and innovation through insights derived from best marketing practices, most “IN” topics, emerging culture and industrial trends on the digital landscape. There are four aspects in TrendWatch:

  • Marketing Case: Best practice of digital marketing brand campaigns will be analyzed to help marketers understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Hot Topic: Reveal the most discussed online topics from Chinese popular culture for agile marketing and PR communication.
  • Internet Culture: Interpretation of the latest net slang, net celebrity and net elements to explore consumer interest in the vibrant digital network that could be leveraged for brand communication ideation.
  • Digital Trend: Discover and introduce cutting-edge digitalization trends for commercial applications.

By measuring and tracking specific campaign performance and market developments, combined with our expertise in social media intelligence, Kantar Media CIC helps brand owners leverage trends efficiently to reach and engage target audiences.

To receive a sample Trendwatch report, please email to request.