CIC and SINA release joint white paper - 'Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development'

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CIC and SINA release joint white paper - 'Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development'
Wednesday, 19 October 2011 00:00

In the US, the relentless expansion of Twitter and Facebook continues to change the entire Internet landscape.  Nowadays, social media is as equally integral a part of people’s online lives as other key Internet services; search engines, portals or e-commerce platforms. The extended 3rd party applications incorporated by social media platforms help to quickly form an immersive eco-system and have aided the perpetuation of this social business revolution.

Sina Weibo officially launched in August of 2009, ushering in the dawn of the  microblog in China. By August of 2011, the number of registered users of Sina Weibo had reached 250 million; the volume of tweets per day had increased to 90 million, with almost 50,000 companies having opened branded accounts. Thus highlighting that Sina Weibo is not only an information and communication tool, but also a powerful marketing and business platform for enterprises.

In China, CIC has been pioneering the conceptual and practical shift “From Social Media to Social Business” and defined the term “social business” in 2010. In short, every business needs to be a social business. That is, one which leverages the power of social interaction occurring inside and outside the organization. In March 2011, CIC has released the first issue in the white paper series "From Social Media to Social Business Topic1: An Overview of the Evolution of Chinese Social Media.” In it, we discussed China’s evolving social media trends between 1994 and 2011, focusing on corporate utilization of social media through 5 stages: Incubation, Cultivation, Development, Proliferation and Revolution.

The evolution “From Social Media to Social Business” outlined by CIC was recognized by Sina and other industry representatives.  In November of 2010, CIC and Sina formed a strategic partnership and in order to better drive China’s social business revolution. CIC will augment this collaboration with Sina in October 2011 with the release of the co-branded white paper <CIC•SINA – Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development >. This white paper will discuss the features and market values of the microblog medium,  thoroughly explore the microblog led social business revolution and help brands and agencies comprehensively understand and leverage the platform in the Chinese market.

1. The exponential growth and development of the microblog in China is facilitating a battle for the role of key “Social Portal” in the Chinese Internet landscape. We are moving into the “Platform Era”.

Reviewing the progression from social media to social business, by observing the landscape’s changing features during this period of microblog development, we witness the birth of a new Internet portal thanks to both its “Social” and “Media” focused attributes. Inspired by this blossoming feature of the landscape, China Internet giants have started developing their own “social portals” by launching social media products and services, often with the help of open, 3rd party applications. Increasing numbers of these 3rd party applications will only serve to further develop the microblog and lead China’s Internet into the “Platform Era”

2. With the rapid development and enterprise implications of microblog accounts and microblog marketing, ever more companies are focusing on their owned media.

Another key attribute of the microblog is the attention to companies’ “owned media”. Pre-microblog, companies were more comfortable with “paid media”. The control of brand identity was central to this. However, utilized in conjunction with paid media and earned social buzz, companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their operation of owned media. Based on this enterprise application of microblog marketing, the CIC and SINA white paper outlines the “LEIMO” model: Listen, Engage, Integrate, Measure and Optimize. In understanding the efficacy of brand activity, new performance indicators had to be drawn up to measure this new media. CIC refer to the “IMPACT+” model of measuring effectiveness of paid media, owned media and SINA Weibo-esque earned media. This white paper outlines several company microblog marketing suggestions and best practice.

3. Microblog’s rapid development proves the possibility of social business.
Social business is no flight of fancy, it’s composed by a series of business objective and business practice. In this white paper, we summarized 7 social business objective with detail analysis, they are “brand building”, “client management”, “marketing optimization”, “strategic research”, “accelerated innovation”, “social sales”, “talent optimization”, each of them are provided with related case study and data index to help companies better understanding and execution the social business.

We’re hoping this CIC and Sina joint white paper <CIC•SINA – Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development > will inspire the industry and propel the social business innovation in China.

About CIC
CIC is China's leading social business intelligence provider. CIC enables businesses to fully leverage the power of social media and (Internet Word of Mouth) IWOM intelligence across the organization. Since coining the term IWOM in 2004, CIC has pioneered the industry to help companies meet their social media marketing and social business needs by providing customized research, consulting services, syndicated reports, as well as technical solutions and platforms all via an objective, third party perspective. In addition to helping companies leverage social media intelligence for more informed decisions, CIC is monetizing the social business industry in China by creating an integrated social business support system.
CIC website:

About SINA
SINA is an online media company and MVAS provider in the People’s Republic of China and for the global Chinese communities. With a branded network of localized websites targeting Greater China and overseas Chinese, the Company provides services mainly through (online news and content), (microblog) and SINA Mobile (MVAS). Through these businesses and properties and other business lines, SINA offers an array of services including region-focused online portals, MVAS, microblog, blog, video and music streaming, photo sharing, online games, email, search, classified listings, fee-based services, e-commerce and enterprise e-solutions.

About Sina Weibo

SINA Weibo is the microblogging services provided by It is not only the most influential Social Network in China, but also an Open Platform to get, share and broadcast information based on users' relations. Users can post updates in 140 characters or upload images through webpage, WAP page or mobile phone SMS/MMS.
Download the Highlights of CIC and SINA White Paper here

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