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  • April 4, 2018

    LONDON, 26 March 2018 Kantar Media, a global leader in media intelligence, is delighted to announce the appointment of Bas de Vos as Global Director for Audience Targeting & Activation. …
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Every 60 Seconds in China

Kantar Media CIC Launched "Every 60 Seconds in China" Infographic.
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2017 China Social Media Landscape

Kantar Media CIC’s Chinese Social Media Landscape.
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IT Products & Services

Kantar Media CIC IT panel covers 40 million online consumer comments with over 25 million pre-identified brand, product and attribute mentions by ten million consumers dating back to 2006. We collect 0.5 million IT brand and product comments per month from top sources in China, including 50+ IT sites and 1000+ IT forums, where 50+ thousand conversations, 50+ thousand posters, 150+ thousand brands comments and 100+ thousand attributes mentions are generated.

We have a dedicated IT team serving IT clients since 2006. We have developed strategic relationships with the best IT clients such as Intel, Dell and IBM and we have accumulated vast IT IWOM industry experience.

We successfully help IT clients understand the IWOM landscape of brands, sub-brands or series and detailed product models, as well as provide insight and actionable intelligence for specific products and campaigns.

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