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  • November 10, 2016

    Kantar Media CIC released the "Every 60 Seconds in China" infographic in Shanghai to provide a greater understanding of the massive volume of activity on Chinese social media and digital platforms generating trillions of
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Every 60 Seconds in China

Kantar Media CIC Launched "Every 60 Seconds in China" Infographic.
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2016 China Social Media Landscape

Kantar Media CIC Launched China Social Media Landscape 2016.
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CIC on Youku

2015 White paper on Wechat content

Kantar Media CIC and Ogilvy China jointly issued the results of a study focused on WeChat content for mothers and infant Nutrition with in- depth analysis of half years’ Wechat data, including 92 leading, influential mother and infant WeChat public media accounts.
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2015 White Paper on the New Age of the Social Media Command Center

Our latest white paper provides some insights and recommendations about the social command centre's evolution and what it means for businesses.
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2014 Social Business to Big Data White Paper

Media CIC officially releases 2014 From Social Business to Big Data white paper—Insights from Kantar Media CIC's 2013-2014 China Enterprise Social Business Survey, to provide suggestions for enterprises social business advancement to big data.

China Social Business Revolution

Kantar Media CIC book <China Social Business Revolution> published, it's an evolutionary development of the footprint of China social media development in last 10 + years.
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On August 10, 2016, Kantar Media CIC, China’s leading social business intelligence provider, launched the “China Social Media Landscape 2016” in Shanghai with over 150 international brand and industry elites. Kantar Media CIC has published this annual update on trends in the China social landscape since 2008, to provide a comprehensive analysis for brands on innovation in social media platforms and audiences.
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June 4th, 2015, CIC has launched 2015 Chinese Social Media Landscape. The Chinese social media landscape is one of the most unique, fragmented and dynamic in the world. In the 10 years that Kantar Media CIC has been listening to Chinese social media, the rate of change has only gotten faster. We've just taken the pulse of China's 2015 social landscape, as we have every year since 2008; here are six changes and developments that brands, agencies and tech players should understand.
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Sam Flemming, founder & CEO, Kantar Media CIC, and Hannelore Grams, Nestle’s head of digital marketing and social media for Greater China, joined M&M Global to discuss the changing picture of social media in China.
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CIC Research & Consulting department professional has been interviewed on “Thoughtful China” about how to make the most of your social media budget in 2015.
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SamFlemming , founder & CEO, Kantar Media CIC, shares insights about how brand owners should integrate China’s pop culture with its internet culture to develop a smart social media strategy.
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CIC general manager and head of consulting service, Tina Hu (@Tinahu99) has been interviewed on “Thoughtful China” about who should handle your social media.
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CIC general manager and head of consulting service, Tina Hu (@Tinahu99) has been interviewed on “Thoughtful China” about how to sharpening your social media strategy.
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CIC Founder and President, Sam Flemming has been interviewed on “Thoughtful China” about how to sell your brand through WeChat.
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How to turn key opinion leaders (KOLs) into brand ambassadors? “Brands are looking to develop their own brand fans at a more practical level rather than just purely looking at Weibo queens like Yao Chen. We are looking at KOLs from a down to earth point of view,” said Tina Hu (@Tinahu99), general manager and head of consulting service at CIC, “but the way brands are using KOLs has evolved.”
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CIC Founder and President, Sam Flemming has been invited to speak at Cook Medical 2nd Thought Leadership Forum entitled “Healthcare is Social” on the 25th January, discussion the impact of social media in the healthcare industry.
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